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Talens Extra Fine Quality

There are currently 16 colors in my palette. Some of these colors are really old, so they might not be available anymore.

100 White
205 Lemon yellow
235 Orange
311 Vermilion
318 Carmine
337 Magenta Primary
362 Deep Rose
536 Violet
506 Ultramarine Deep
575 Cyan Blue Primary
566 Prussian Blue (Phthalo)
601 Light green
654 Fir green
227 Yellow Ochre
411 Burnt Sienna
700 Black

Where I'm from Talens is considered to be a student quality brand. Therefore they are more affortable but still good quality.
Some of the paints in my palette date back to my childhood and might be over 15 years old. They still work perfectly.

Prices are usually around €4 for 20ml tube.



Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor

My color palette looks like a mess, but this is what it looks like most of the time.
I will list all the colors clockwise starting at the top left corner. The numbers refer to the pans on my palette, because some are empty. (❤ = my favorite colors)

1    French ultramarine 
2    Violet ❤
3    Permanent magenta ❤
4    Permanent rose ❤
5    Light red ❤
6    Cadmium red
7    Alizarin crimson ❤
9    Quinacridone gold
12  Aureolin ❤
13  Cadmium yellow
14  Raw sienna
15  Burnt umber
16  Raw umber
17  Burnt Sienna
21 Payne's grey
22 Winsor green (Blue shade) 
23 Winsor blue (Green Shade) 
24 Indigo Blue
25 Perylene Violet
26 Perylene Maroon
27 Lamp black
28 Chinese white
30 Cerulean Blue
31  Cobalt Blue

I have always used Winsor & Newton so when it comes to quality I can't compare. I know this brand is considered a medium quality amung watercolor artist, but I like the result I get, so I never the felt need to change. The brands Golden and Schmincke are considered better quality, but also more expensive.

I usually by the 5ml tubes for the price of €6.

If you see the size of the tube you might think this is a lot of money, but one tube lasts me a really long time. These are watercolors, so you can keep reactivating them... and if you are like me, and never clean your palette, it will take you even longer to use up the colors.

Also ready about my Personal experience in the next tab.

Winsor & Newton also has a student quality series named 'Cotman'. These were my first watercolors. After switching to the Professional series I hardly ever used them.
Cotman colors are less vibrant and more prone to creating muddy colors when you start mixing!


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