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I started drawing at the age of eight. With the encouragement of my grandmother I kept on drawing. For a long time I only used the tools that were available to me. These were mainly an HB pencil and whatever paper I could find. I drew my first real portrait of Madonna on squared math paper.

During my years in highschool I barely drew anything. It wasn't until I turned twenty-one that I discovered speed paintings on YouTube. These videos made me want to draw again. This time I could afford to buy my own material so there was nothing holding me back. At the age of twenty-five I started following art classes, mainly to come in contact with different mediums. I ended up focusing on watercolor. It made my art more colorful and helped me loose the need for 'perfection'.

A couple of years ago I thought I had found 'my style'. Unfortunately I became frustrated with it. I was always drawing from reference and was never really able to tell a story. Currently my art is all over the place. Different topics, different mediums,... I can't seem to get enough of learning new things.
I don't really mind that I don't have a specific style. I just never want to stop exploring.

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